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Cordner Advisory has a long and proud record serving leading IT firms and Startups. Our advisors are quick to understand technology concepts and business models. Our customers represent some of South East Queensland's best and brightest company success stories. We have deep experience in online retailing, applications development businesses, IT&T providers and technology business.

Our key areas of expertise include:

Mentoring for business success

Our mentoring services focus only on delivering successful outcomes for our customers. Leverage our many years of working with businesses just like yours.

R&D Entitlements

Startup and Technology companies attract R&D incentives and innovation grants. We can help you structure, plan and coordinate the lodgments of these applications with the Australian Government.

Budgets and Forecasting

We help to establish, structure, model, forecast cashflows and profit/loss. With expert forecasting you can identify efficiencies/concerns in the data and plan for better outcomes.

Evolving Structures

We advise on appropriate company structures (including trusts, IP protection, governance etc). Structures often evolve over time and we can help provide a roadmap of the most beneficial structures for your business.

Risk Management

Our expertise in corporate governance and board secretarial services are essential to medium and large businesses.

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