Small Business Entrepreneur Grants Program

|by Kamil Qureshi|R&D, Grants and Taxation Entitlements,Business Advisory

The Queensland Government, through the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT), has made grants available to newly started small businesses to enable them to access professional advice and support in the critical early stages of establishing a business. Some of the objectives are:

  1. Support new Queensland small businesses to establish and develop
  2. Encourage entrepreneurship and increase business capability and skills
  3. Promote a culture of successful small business within Queensland
  4. Assist small businesses to work smarter, be more innovative and work fewer hours
  5. Create an environment that makes it easier to do business.

And the list continues.

How much can you apply for and what can it be used for?

If the application is successful, a 50% funding contribution of up to $5 000 (excluding GST) is provided following completion of your proposal/ implementation of your project. The applicant must provide satisfactory evidence of the project’s completion to obtain funding. The minimum grant funding amount is $1 000 (i.e. the value of the project is at least $2 000). Projects proposed will see businesses participate in training, engage a consultant, advisor, or business coach for up to three months to help establish or develop the business. The training, advice or services must fall under one or more of the following areas:

  1. Mentoring/coaching
  2. Business and strategic planning
  3. Professional business advice (information technology (IT), legal or financial)
  4. Marketing strategy development (branding strategies, social media/digital strategies, market research).

**Who can apply? **

All new, and recently established small businesses with a Queensland-based headquarters can apply. Applications open 1 August 2019 and close on 30 August 2019 If you wish to apply for this grant, need assistance or want to discuss the eligibility criteria please do not hesitate to contact one of our advisors on (07) 5504 5700.

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