Reasons Why Your Business Should Have a Strong Social Media Presence

|by Kamil Qureshi|Business Advisory,News

Statistics show that in 2017 the total users of social media around the globe were 2.77 billion with more than 500 million daily users liking more than 4.2 billion posts per day globally. Many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are becoming a must have for small business. Talking about Instagram as an example, Australia has 9,000,000 monthly active Instagram users, around 40 per cent of the total population, so there’s a very good chance of reaching a small business’s potential customers via the platform. 68 per cent of Instagrammers engage with brands regularly, and Instagram provides 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook, so the business case for Instagram is very strong.

Below are the compelling reasons why small businesses should get on board and use this social media platform.

**Its Free of cost **

Having a page on Facebook or an account on Instagram is totally free of cost, taking out the element of paid media (what you have to pay for to advertise your business). It is just like having have millions of people walk into your store and have a look around, and it wouldn’t cost you anything, you would totally do it! These websites enable you to comprehensively earn your target media by using the channels that you have control over. that you have control over.

**It makes your business more presentable **

By sharing information about yourself, and your business through social media makes your business becomes more personable, presentable and relatable. Content that is generated on a regular basis gives people a sense of authenticity about your business. It shows you are active on social media and are efficiently viewing your customers content by responding to their enquiries and engaging with them.

**It opens opportunities for industry collaboration **

Being active on social media enable you to draw the attention of other businesses which could give you the opportunity to collaborate with them. Collaboration through shared content posts gives you the opportunity to broaden your following base, increasing the awareness of your brand!

**It provides a better understanding of what you offer **

If anyone has ever been unsure of what you have to offer, or simply don’t have the time or attention to read large amount of content on the website or phone the business, the users can straight away visit your Facebook page or Instagram to get a quick snapshot of what you are offering. By showcasing your business through photography or by posting exciting information people can quickly see what makes your business and its products unique and will be tempted to be a part of it.

**Helps in Business Reputation Awareness **

Being on social media allows your clients to rate your business for the type of work you are currently performing for them or have performed in the past. Many new clients would be willing to do business with you merely because you have received positive ratings from your existing clients. This opens new opportunities to get many new customers and further get higher ratings to show the quality of work performed.

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