How can businesses make use of Google to grow?

|by Kamil Qureshi|News,Business Advisory

Research shows that every month a single google search drives millions of direct connections between businesses and their customers which include information such as phone numbers, direction to the business and services like online reservations and buying and selling.

Businesses that take full advantage of technology such as social media and digital tools are one and a half times more likely to be growing and eight time more likely to be creating jobs than those with low levels of digital engagement. Below are simple tips on how business owners can boost their business online.

**Use Google ads to reach more customers **

As a business owner, your preference for online advertising should be simple and effective. Google provides a product by the name of Smart Campaigns, that allows you to reach new audiences and drive results. This product is built with simplicity in mind and amplified with Google AI and Ads technology. Smart Campaigns allow you to create ads in a matter of minutes. Once up and running, you can check to see how your campaign is performing and fine-tune ads for optimal results. So far, Smart Campaigns are (on average) three times more successful, with improvements to targeting and placement of ads.

Verify your business listing on Google Search and Maps

It’s important that your business can be found when your customers are searching for it online. You wouldn’t hide your shop signage in the main street and the same applies online. There are various ways to get an online presence, from creating a website or app, through to claiming your business listing search. It’s easy to claim your free listing on Google Search and Maps and add pictures of your business, list your hours, and add your phone number so customers can just click to call or get directions. In Australia, complete business listings get on average 30 calls and 65 direction requests per month from Google. Google My Business is the best way to get started.

Making sure your website works on mobile

Around more than 50% of the searches happen to be on the mobile phone as the customers want quicker results. Not having a mobile-optimised website is like shutting the shop front door to customers, just because of the device they’re using. Business owners need to address basic questions like how fast does their business website loads? To check the speed, they can use Google’s free Test My Site tool to see how well the website works on mobile and get recommendations on how to make it better.

Build up digital education/skills through bite-sized lessons

The Digital Garage offers free training platform to business owners to build their online marketing skills with short lessons. You can choose from a range of topics, including social media marketing, analytics and video, and hear from other small businesses about what’s worked for them.

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