Going interstate for work? Restricted entry to QLD now applies

|by Linda Bergesen|Business Advisory

Interstate arrival restrictions:

A 14-day self-quarantine rule now applies to anyone arriving in Queensland from another state or Territory, whether arriving by air, sea, rail or road. One exception to this rule is for people who are classified as ‘exempt’ (more on this below). However, even exempt people must self-quarantine if they have travelled to particular areas of Australia or been overseas in the past 14 days. Queensland health states that ‘The particular areas of Australia that require self-quarantine will be decided by the Chief Health Officer and published on the Queensland Health Website.’ Watch this space for further updates:


Who is exempt for self-quarantine?

According to the Queensland Government, exemptions apply to those who live outside Queensland and provide the following critical services

  • National / state security
  • Essential Health services
  • Emergency services
  • Transport of goods or freight including food
  • Critical maintenance/repair to critical infrastructure in Queensland
  • Construction, mining/energy/agribusiness (special requirements for FIFO workers apply, more on this below)
  • Federal, state or local government workers who are required to enter to Queensland to perform official duties

Anyone providing these critical services that need to enter Queensland can apply for an entry pass on the Queensland Government website:_ [https://wld.gov.au/border-pass_ ](https://wld.gov.au/border-pass)

What about Queensland Residents?

If you are a Queensland resident, and have not visited a place declared as a ‘COVID19 hotspot’ you do not have to self-quarantine.

Living in one state, working in another:

Those who live near the border of Queensland, NSW, SA or the NT but ordinarily work in QLD will still be allowed to travel to work, providing they do not stay in Queensland longer than required. This exemption is not restricted to particular industries, meaning anyone with a job is allowed ‘essential travel between their residence and place of work’.

Crossing the border in order to obtain essential items such as food is also allowed.

FIFO workers

FIFO workers as mentioned above are not required to self-quarantine providing if they can prove the following:

  • That they are indeed FIFO workers
  • Who they are working for
  • That they are entering Qld to go directly to work

The FIFO employers in Queensland have to provide a health plan that ensures adequate hygiene and safety requirements and complies with the requirements set by the Chief Health Officer. This can be downloaded here:


Those who do not comply with the quarantine directions might be liable for penalties or on the spot tickets.

For further details, you can download the Queensland border restrictions fact sheet here: https://www.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdffile/0022/122575/border-restrictions-business-industry-fact-sheet.pdf_

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