Business Health Check Up

|by Sarah Crowe|Taxation and Compliance

After a big Christmas and New Year break we are now all back into the swing of things. It is a reminder that we are now half way through the 2019 Financial Year – where did that time go!

At this point I find it is a good task to revisit budgets, forecasts and year to date positions to ascertain a current idea of how things are tracking along. At Cordner we believe that a robust 3 way forecast is one of the best tools to monitor cash flow and tracking business results.

I’d say that these forecasts are imperative to have a strong knowledge of where monies are being spent whilst also a handy trigger point for discussions around fluctuations in sales, expenses, business assets and liabilities. A perfect way to have a heart beat on the health of your business. If you need any assistance with your budgeting, forecasting or even a year to date analysis of how your business is tracking please come see us at Cordner we are here to help!

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